The Process

Thank you for choosing to work with me. I sincerely appreciate your support and will do everything I can to make you happy with your design.

During the payment process, you agreed to the Terms of Service. Please see them at the end of this document to keep for your records.

There are some things you will need to complete before I can get to work on your project.

  • Fill out my e-Decorating design questionnaire.

The design questionnaire is like the decoder ring of e-decorating. It’s where I find out what your style is. I find out what gets your heart pumping a hundred miles per hour when you look at pictures of your favourite rooms. I find out what your life is about and how you are using your space.

The design questionnaire is the decorating reporter that tells me everything I need to know about you and then some. When you are done filling it out, it comes directly to my email inbox.


  • Measure & Sketch Your Space

I’ve attached my handy how-to guide to measure your space. It is a step-by-step guide to measure everything in your room that I need to know to design your room and make sure I use the space that you have in the best way possible so you get the most bang for your buck and leave nothing to chance.

You put all these measurements down and when you send it to me think of it as the key to your room. Oh, and you can do this without an art degree.

  • Take Pictures Of Your Space

In the guide attached I show you where to stand in the room, what to do to get the best pictures possible for your design by giving you tips from professional photographers.

  •     Share Your Dream Pics

All my clients love to look at what they would like. Sometimes obsessively. No worries, I’m not gonna tell on you. But you have to share your dream pics with me. I need to see what makes your eyes all wide eyed and bleary. My two favourite places for inspiration are:

If you would like some help with determining a style you like I have created some boards on my Pinterest account that may help. You can check it out here:

The easiest way to share this information with me is with Pinterest. If you haven’t already, create a Pinterest account and a specific board and then share the link with me.

  • Email Me

When you are done doing the four steps above, you will scan, save and email me your handiwork (your drawings, photos and links to your dream pics) or you can use messenger which is great for graphics. Either way you are comfortable is fine with me.

You could also choose to mail me your drawings please mail to:

Uralla Solutions
8 Uralla Place
Yallambie VIC 3085

Then I will get to work.


Typically, it takes me about 1-2 weeks to compile an initial design. During that time period I’ll be working diligently on your project, and it’s quite possible I’ll fall off the face of the earth for a bit as I get into the zone.

With that said you can expect to hear back from me within 2 weeks with my first round of design concepts unless, of course, I have a bright burst of inspiration, in which case, I’ll be back in touch even earlier.

Here’s an overall picture of what I be doing with all your information as I create the entire design…


Create a brief

I get myself a cup of tea (okay, more like a coffee) and I read over your Design Questionnaire that you filled out with your thoughts and expectations. I decode your information and make a road map of where I need to take your design to get you to your destination.

Become a Peeper!!  

I look at your room pics you sent me and take more notes on what is working, what maybe isn’t working and what are some of the challenges in the space. Then I picture us sitting in your space after its done thinking how we’ll be planning on how to design your next room.

Develop a Plan

I look over your drawings and translate your sketches into professional plans. I make it look a it fancy. Because it all starts with a plan. One that will make you want to get planning the next room.

Play with the fun stuff

After all the walls and all the other important details like windows, outlets, etc. are set down into the space plan I go about and find the right pieces of furniture to layout in your space. I pick furniture templates from my collection in my design program and figure out what makes your space feel just perfect inside and how best to use up all your space. All while making it with your measurements, so you know these pieces of furniture are going to fit. No more oopsies!

Put it all together

This is where you get to see what it can all look like and how to get there. You’re going to love seeing your room look like how it was always supposed to look.

Select Your Special Pieces/Accessories

I like to think of this part as picking out a really special birthday gift for you. Yes, it’s a complete room of accessories! By this stage I start to have a pretty good feel of who you are from your design questionnaire, your sketches and the pics you sent me that I go shopping on the web for each item in your space that will be perfect in your room.

During this process, I might find that the sofa size I selected out for you initially isn’t quite the same as the awesome couch I found at this store, so I go back and change it up to make sure everything fits.

When I’m sure it’s good, I add that couch to your list. So, there are a lot of checks and balances made so that real pieces fit in your newly designed space.

Make Lists to Get you there

All while I am finding each perfect piece for your room, I record every important detail about it. Like its item number, color, price, etc. I make sure I have all the details about it so I can reference that for you on your mood board. So that when you are ready to go shopping, you can either click right over to the store to buy it or you can source it yourself locally.

Get You in the Mood

While I’m making lists I collect pictures of those specially selected for you pieces. Some of pictures I have used in your rendering and then they appear here on your mood board.

When you get to looking at your mood board page in your PDF file, you may be able to click each item and then it will automatically it takes you to the store online to buy it. Crazy hey?

It all comes together

After every piece has been selected for you, cross-referenced and put together, I give you all the steps you need to do to put your room together.

I let you know what you should do first, next and last. I also give you some shopping tips, ways to save some money, and other notes about your design that can help.

What You Get

Within practically no time, usually two weeks, of your project starting I’ll be sending out to you a completed first round design for you to have a look at. I may be in contact prior to this to check on some preferences or details.

Then, you’ll get an email letting you know that I have your first draft for your room and it’s ready for you to look at. You’ll receive a link via messenger to preview your design.\

Ready to see what you’ll be getting…. Keep reading.


Here’s what you be getting with your design…


A Floor Plan – Now instead of getting another delivery of furniture you have to send back to the store, organise a return again and still not have the right layout, you can be sure that everything selected for you can fit. Now, you’ll know exactly what size pieces of furniture you need to which allows you to budget for the correct pieces of furniture.

Before Pics – You are going to love looking at how far you and your room have come.

Colour Story – This is a palette that reflects your personality. Finally, you will get peace of mind that you finally got the right colors. You’ll also learn the steps you need to take to paint your space and what finish you need and where to put it or some tips on getting the right professional to do the job for you.

Room Renderings – A completely creative design. These renderings will show you exactly how your room is going to look like when you’re done shopping with a style that has your name written all over it. And if you feel like going on a shopping spree to find similar items in stores near you, you can do that with these renderings.

Mood Board – A mood board that shows you how everything I have selected for you works together. You’ll find convenient clickable links that take you directly to the online store to purchase the item. It also allows you to see if something you already have will work with your new design. Everything visually, in one place. Goodbye mind clutter!

Tips – I have found that there are some tips that I think every person decorating a room should know. I share those with you. My secrets are your secrets.

Design Thoughts – Just things that float about in my mind about your room. Sometimes I tell you how I came up with your design, where I got inspired or why I did something in a specific way. Letting you know the full background report on your design.

To Do List – The prioritised to-do list to tell you how to put your room together. No need to worry your pretty little head over those annoying but very important details. Wonder no more about what to do next. Just follow the simple instructions and you will have your perfect room done!

I hope this gives you the perfect overview of your project.

In the meantime, if you have any questions or concerns don’t hesitate to get in contact…


Text or call me at: 0414 593 052

Email me at:

Please also read the attached Terms of Conditions and Client Service Agreement. You are required to acknowledge these documents and reply with your agreement of said Terms.

Please let me know if you have any concerns.



Download printable pdf version here