Follow these 10 best tips for a winning bathroom renovation in 2018

Bathroom renovations are often undertaken when they’re well past their original use by dates and have seen better days. There will come a time where you’ll find that it becomes harder to clean and sticking the odd tile back on starts to become a little too regular. By the time you decide to renovate, you’re  often ready to do the demolition yourself with the biggest sledge hammer you can find.

Before you get to this point you need to sit down and plan out what you want.



Many people will project manage a bathroom renovation themselves often enlisting the various trades for the job. They then find themselves flying by the seat of their pants with decisions that come along the way. By the time you finish you wish you could enjoy a relaxing bath with some music and candles (does anyone still do this?) but you’ll end up wishing you had considered some things earlier in the planning.

Mistakes or oversights can be harder to fix than in say the bedroom, due to the fixed features of the room. It’s the small details that really help with a successful update, here’s some tips to help that process a little easier.

Tip #1 – Lighting

You always hear about how important lighting is in the bathroom but it’s not something you consider until the sparky asks. Some might like the old Hollywood style lights along the mirror, and these are great for applying make up, brushing teeth, etc, however they don’t really fit the popular trends of today.

A down-light placed above the mirror will eliminate any shadows cast on the face,  or check out the strip LED’s that you can install over the mirror. You may even consider a pendant to add some ambient light which is becoming quite trendy in the bathroom.

Tip #2 – Electrical Outlets

Think about the electric gadgets you use. Many electric toothbrushes require recharging and you may not want to leave these out on the bench. An outlet placed inside a shaving cabinet or drawer can leave the vanity clear of clutter.

Tip #3 – Shelving and Fixed hooks in the shower

Image by Uralla Solutions

Consider the regular products in the shower. Storing these items can prove difficult but with a little forethought you can make it a little easier to clean and easy on the eye.

Shelving that allows excess water to drain and some robe hooks installed to hold sponges, loofahs, washers allows them to dry out between uses and looks better than many other options.

Tip #4 – Shower type

Review the different shower types available to see what will suit your circumstances. A fully frame-less shower is easier to clean, but does mean you can’t use a big, fluffy mat outside the door as it will get hooked up on the door. Some water also escapes out the bottom so as long as you are prepared for this with the towel style bathmat you won’t be disappointed.

Tip #5 – Improve Air Quality

Image by Uralla Solutions

There are a few ways to improve the air quality in your home. This one may sound a bit odd to some people but the salt lamps claim to absorb water from the air. This is the perfect environment for the bathroom due to the humidity in here. A clever way to improve the air quality in here as well as provide a soft, amber light all the time.

Be sure to consider the location as you don’t want it next to the bathtub! An internal electrical outlet may give you an opportunity to place it somewhere you may not normally consider. House plants will also improve air quality whilst adding indoor greenery. If you get lazy with your care on this research some of the pots that can retain water and release slowly. 

Tip #6 – Shower configuration

A hand shower on an adjustable rail will allow you to rinse the soap build up after your shower. a quick rinse could save you valuable cleaning time.

Tip #7 – Heat

If you live north you can probably skip this tip, but us Southerners need our heaters! There are many great options out there, consider a panel heater below your towel rail – 2 birds 1 stone! Warm toushie and towels! Underfloor heating is popular as well and may not be as expensive as you think.

Tip #8  – Thermostat controller

Thermostat controller
Image by Rinnai

This has got to be one of the best inventions ever and I can’t believe not every household has one. Install a thermostat, set your water temperature and you are good to go. This is fantastic for younger kids, it eliminates the chance of nasty scolds from hot water.

The technology here is improving rapidly so make sure you do some research to discover what’s available.

Tip #9 – Storage

When selecting your vanities and cabinets make sure you maximise the storage available. A sleek wall hung vanity with 1 or 2 drawers look great but do they give you enough storage for all your things. You may have room to add a tall boy or other option – do your research.

Tip #10 – After Care

When you have your brand new bathroom all sparkly and clean it can quickly turn to disappointment when you start using the room with all the shower and bath products. They quickly leave a film and build up over time. Whatever you do, don’t use harmful and toxic chemicals to clean them. They will eat into the grout in particular and undo all the hard work you have done to get here.

Check out this video to see how ENJO works and send me a message to find out more details:


Putting it all together for the perfect bathroom

This list of tips certainly doesn’t cover every aspect of a bathroom renovation, and they are meant as a guide to help you think of what is important to you. Don’t forget that what is perfect for someone else, doesn’t mean it is perfect for you!

A thoughtfully considered renovation will give you many years of service, with no regrets. Write a list of your activities in the bathroom and research ways to overcome any obstacles. Hopefully this list of tips will help you with planning your new bathroom renovation.

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Have I missed a tip that you think is a must have? Let me know in the comments.